Thrivalist (noun):

A person who flourishes in an adverse environment, with skills that transcend from surviving to thriving.

  • Do you desire to live your life more simply?
  • Do you get excited about learning new self-sufficiency skills?
  • Do you crave the magic of a community dedicated to the self-sufficient simple life?

Many of us have become ever aware of the environmental degradation, civil unrest, and global corruption plaguing our society in recent years. Some of us have chosen to respond by making changes that will positively impact our lives, from eating and drinking to how we relate to others, the world around us, and ourselves. This is how we define thrivalism.

Thrivalism is a way of life that nurtures the physical, mental, and spiritual self while harmoniously nurturing a relationship with the earth and the world around us. Thrivalists apply permaculture principles, homesteading, and holistic living to daily life. Though we come from different religious, political, and socioeconomic backgrounds, we look to our shared common ground: a desire for a whole and thriving life.

  • Join us for a deep, exploratory dive into simple, sustainable, self-sufficient living!
  • Immerse yourself in hands-on, informative workshops learning about skills like natural building, food processing and storage, foraging, organic gardening, soap-making, and much more!
  • Learn about how we are changing our lives to live sustainably, simply, and self-sufficiently and how YOU CAN TOO.
  • Create a community of like-minded people who delight in striving for similar goals, networking, and sharing knowledge and skills.